August volunteer day

Thank you to our team of volunteers who joined us in the arboretum on Sunday, we got a lot done.

We spent the morning clearing around the new hedgerow we planted last year, continuing on from the clearing we finished last month. We also cleared around one of our veteran oak trees near the hedgerow. After a warming lunch we set about clearing the Japanese Knotweed in the valley, and took down a hung up branch to make sure the public footpath is safe. A lot more light is now reaching the pathway here and we look forward to seeing more ground flora as a result.

We also tried some scything by the footpath but abandoned this when our scythe proved to be broken! We hope to have a new one soon and can use it to manage more of the areas that we have cleared.

We found a beautiful Monkey Puzzle seed pod, which we will attempt to propogate, and saw a couple of shrews in the clearing.

Altogether a lovely day in the woods.

Our next volunteer day is on the 17 September, let us know if you would like to come along!