April Volunteer Day

What a lovely day!  A massive thank you to everyone that came along yesterday, we got loads done and it was great to have so much help.

We cleared a new area of bramble, finding space for three new tree plantings. Our redwood trees have recently had a trim and there was quite a bit of work to be done collecting and sawing the fallen branches, ready to be processed for firewood.

After lunch there was time to improve the drainage around one of our main pathways. Due to blocked drains the ground is becoming waterlogged which isn’t good news for the specimen trees. We were able to dig a new trench to redirect the water, also investigating the drains to to see what work is needed.

Whilst all this was going on a group of volunteers spent time inspecting our recent plantings (all 53 of them!), checking the tree’s health, weeding and adjusting supports where necessary. With so many new trees scattered about the site this is turning into quite a task.

The site is looking beautiful at this time of year, here are a few snapshots!

See you in the woods again soon!