August volunteer day

THANK YOU to everyone that came to volunteer with us today! Lovely to meet some new volunteers as well as welcoming back regulars. The rain held off, and we had another hugely productive day.   We covered a broad area around the bee garden, clearing a huge area with scythes as well as creating a brand new path for exploring the top of the site.

For the new path we used loppers, saws and brush hooks to clear nettles, brambles, rhododendron and bracken. Along the way we used fresh and old cut branches to create edges to the path. One group started out behind the bee garden and headed towards our monkey puzzle trees; another group went to the monkey puzzles to approach from the opposite direction. By lunchtime they had met in the middle through a dense patch of bramble. 

After a break we returned to the same area. More work was done edging the path, clearing bramble around trees, taking dead branches out and, at the monkey puzzle end, joining the new path with and existing path which follows an Iron Age track. 

The scything team worked up a sweat clearing a massive area, revealing a huge fallen beech tree that was previously hidden from the path. Some of the new volunteers took advantage of our tree maps to go and explore the site for the first time. 

It never ceases to amaze us how much was can achieve when we have a group of eager and hard working volunteers on site.  Thanks everyone! Some photos of the day below. 

If you’re interested in volunteering with us find out out more about it here and email to sign up.