Biosecurity Policy

Tortworth Forest Centre works to prevent the risk of contamination and spread of disease, pests and invasive plants that may be harmful to trees. Our biosecurity measures ensure ensures that everyone is able to enjoy and work in the forest without impediment. Harmful organisms and pests are most commonly transported through clothing, footwear, vehicles and equipment. Transmission most commonly occurs in soil or in plant matter and there is a greater risk of spread of contamination in wet conditions.

These measures are to protect the arboretum; we ask all staff and visitors to help prevent contamination and protect the trees by following these guidelines:

  • Please ensure footwear is clean (loose of soil or debris) we provide facilities for this
  • Keep vehicular access to a minimum, parking on the road only
  • Carry out visual plant pest and disease surveys
  • Stick to clearly marked paths and take notice of signage if areas you should avoid
  • Don’t take plant materials or cuttings without permission