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The many benefits of volunteering

It’s Volunteers Week 2024 so we are celebrating our hard working and dedicated volunteers, without whom Tortworth Arboretum would still be overrun with rhododendron, bamboo and bramble. We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing passion and enthusiasm for bashing, digging, lugging, sawing, chopping, lopping and all the other tasks you take on, and for being part of the Tortworth community. Read more

May volunteer day

Another beautiful day in the woods yesterday. Thank you to everyone that came along and for all the energy! We...

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April volunteer day

We had wonderful volunteer day yesterday, full of sunshine and bluebells We got an impressive amount done: working with mattocks, removing rhododendron...

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A season for change

After more than 9 years, Bec, the founder of Tortworth Forest Centre is stepping away from the staff team to work her magic on new projects and adventures in Somerset. 

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March Volunteer Day

This month we were mostly tackling rhododendron in a large section of the woods that had previously seen little management. We split into...

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