Our Vision

The vision of the Tortworth Forest Centre is to restore one of the country’s most important arboretums at Tortworth, and in doing so, create a vibrant outdoor learning centre available to the community.

The Centre will aim to nurture the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts and encourage new audiences to learn new skills and engage with conservation.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Restore, for community use, one of the country’s most culturally and historically significant arboretums, with the support of local conservation groups and volunteers
  • Create a historical document and archives of the arboretum available to the public, including details on the historical and cultural importance of the site and the various stages of its history
  • Provide a safe and well managed space for community groups to learn about nature and to care for it, including groups that would not usually have access to such a space
  • Provide a series of educational events and volunteer opportunities, to educate and inspire individuals to learn about and care for trees and wildlife