A new home for the goats

The Tortworth goats are moving to a happy new retirement home in December 2023.

Our resident goats Tj, Dot and Flash

The Tortworth goats are moving to a happy new retirement home in December 2023.

Tortworth has been home to the goats since 2015 and they have played a vital role in the team by helping to manage bramble, provide heaps of entertainment and most importantly give comfort to many people. 

Over the last year, we have had to call the vet out on several occasions as we have been worried about the health of the goats. Sadly, as they become older they are more susceptible to illness, particularly to mites in Dot’s case. Ideally, the goats’ pen would be moved around the site every few months to give them fresh grazing and allow the soil to recover from compaction. Unfortunately the limitations of the Tortworth site mean that’s not possible and their pen has been in the same location for eight years. 

We have tried our utmost to improve their situation by increasing the cleaning regime of their pen and adding hay, a nutrient rich feed and mineral salt to their diet. However, ongoing conversations with their registered keeper (Bec) and our vet have led us to the difficult decision that in order to give them the very best life they deserve we need to find the goats a new home. Usually we would consult with you on such a big decision, but as it’s a question of animal welfare we feel we need to press ahead and focus on what is best for the goats.

Bec has reached out to her smallholders’ network and found the goats a very loving new home at a care farm north of Tortworth at Funfords Farm. The goats will be moving to their new home over the Christmas break.

We appreciate this will be sad news for many people, indeed it is for the team, but we truly feel it is the best decision for the health and happiness of our goats. We appreciate your support and understanding.