Peacock butterfly

July volunteer day

Another lovely volunteer day in the woods yesterday! The recent sunny weather followed by bursts of rain has had a dramatic effect on the woodland, with nettles, bracken and brambles taking over every pathway and clearing.

We decided to focus our efforts on one area, where our veteran oaks were starting to be taken over. Splitting into groups each tree was cleared, brambles that were beginning to climb up the branches were removed, nettles and bracken cut back to allow access and improve the view to these beautiful trees.

As we worked we were accompanied by lots of butterflies, enjoying the still weather and patches of sunshine, very idyllic!

After a shared picnic lunch we carried on clearing pathways and smaller trees. Once the area we had chosen was looking much tidier we then moved on to help take apart a large fallen beech limb, making a start on processing the branches for firewood before heading back for much needed tea and biscuits.

Massive thanks to everyone that came along! It was great to get so much done and be out enjoying the woodland together.

Our next volunteer day will be on the 15th of September (we’re taking August off), so hopefully see you then. In the meantime watch out for exciting news of an upcoming tree planting open day this autumn – more information coming soon!