London businessman saves the day by investing in a GOAT!

London businessman saves the day by investing in a GOAT!

Things just goat very serious down at Tortworth Arboretum. Rebecca Cork, who runs the Tortworth Forest Centre had been raising money to buy some goats for the woodlands. With hours to go they had still not reached their target on Fundsurfer, (a crowd Bristol based crowd funding site)… enter Howard Skidmore, a business man who saved the day by donated £300 and naming one of the goats after his new company TechJunctionUK.

Howard Skidmore of TechJunctionUK said:

“As Cyber professionals we value innovation & understand that a technical solution often isn’t the best response. The team at the Tortworth Forest Centre have shown great innovation on two fronts. Firstly, it is an inspired solution to use goats to control Japanese knotweed, the alternatives being machinery & harsh chemicals. Secondly, the usage of Fundsurfer to finance the solution. TechJunctionUK is a new start up too, seeking to signpost tech professionals to technical training courses& cyber jobs. We know all too well that sometimes it’s nice to support the new kid on the block.”

Tortworth Arboretum is at present being restored by Rebecca Cork and groups of volunteers. Over the last year they have cleared up significant areas of the woodland by hand to encourage new flowers and plant growth and have been able identify many ancient and rare trees.

Rebecca said:

‘We are ecstatic that Howard has stepped in at the 11th hour- we desperately wanted to get some goats to help keep the weeds under control and to have some lovely animals around while we work. Restoring Tortworth Arboretum is a real labour of love, I get immense pleasure in my work, and in seeing the volunteers who come and help each week. We can’t wait to welcome TechJunctionUK to the woods. Although she might get nickname of TJ!’

Tortworth Forest Centre is a not for profit community interest company which aims to improve lives by reconnecting people with nature. Working with children, parents and more specific groups including people recovering from alcohol dependency, they offer volunteer days and wild weekends all of which are held in the beautiful surroundings of the arboretum at Tortworth, which is owned by

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