May Volunteer Day

Another wonderful day in the woods yesterday. Lovely to meet some new volunteers as well as welcoming back familiar faces. Thank you to everyone for all the energy and enthusiasm, we got so much done!

With the bluebells now gone over we could finally get the scythes out again, clearing some of our priority areas we have been working on and getting things back in check.

We spent most of the day spread out along one of our main pathways, tackling old bramble bushes and rediscovering hidden rhododendrons. A team of volunteers worked around one of our old Caucasian wingnuts (Pterocarya fraxinifolia, planted 1885) and nearby white oak (Q. alba), removing invasive rhododendron and tidying up the surrounding area to better showcase these impressive trees.

After a delicious lunch cooked on the fire, we set back to work – steadfastly ignoring the rain that had set in. More areas were cleared, brambles scythed and rhododendron roots pulled. A very enjoyable day!

See you in the woods again soon!

The Tortworth Team

NEW: Woodland Wellbeing project, starting this Thursday 19th May

Weekly nature based sessions in our beautiful woodland to support people who have been struggling with their mental health and with isolation. We invite people to join us for gentle walks around the arboretum, some nature based crafts, and to share a meal cooked on the fire. Free and open to people aged 18+ and living or working in South Gloucestershire. See our website for more information