Our weekly woodland management day for individuals who seek regular volunteering opportunities, and may benefit from time spent in nature.

What we do

On Tuesdays we carry out general maintenance work in the arboretum. It is a small group and we aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for volunteers to experience the mental health benefits of being active in the woods.

These are gentle days aimed at restoring and managing the tree collection, as well as upkeep of the site for other visitors and events, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We do a variety of practical tasks including bramble bashing, scything, undercutting rhododendron, planting trees, creating wildlife habitats, and sawing and splitting firewood, as well as learning about the ecology of the woods and the botanical tree collection we have.

Why we do it

We believe that volunteering with us enhances wellbeing, and can provide a stepping stone towards further training and paid employment, particularly for individuals who are long-term unemployed, recovering from alcohol or drug dependency, have low self esteem, or other mental health challenges.

Physically, mentally and spiritually, volunteering here has been very beneficial. Being close to and working with nature is therapeutic, and it’s often a great release to get out of the frenetic urban landscape and into a living, peaceful and beautiful environment.

Participant 2018

No previous experience necessary!

We welcome volunteers who want to learn about woodland management, wildlife, exotic trees, and the use and maintenance of hand tools – we provide basic training on all of these areas.  We don’t crack a whip! But volunteers do need to be physically able to do practical tasks and spend a day outside in the woods. 

Priority for spaces is given to referrals from mental health organisations, support workers, GPs and social prescribers.  If we have spare places we can also work with people who self-refer for their mental health.

The day takes place weekly on a Tuesday throughout the year, starting at 10.00am and finishing around 4pm with a lunch break. We provide a free minibus service from Bristol and Bradley Stoke for all our volunteers. 

Want to join us?

Please note the Tuesday Management Days are currently full and we are not taking referrals. Please keep an eye on our website and social media to find out when we have spaces. If your organisation would like to refer service users to our project please subscribe to our e-newsletter.


We accept referrals from local organisations as well as self-referrals. For more information please email referrals@tortwortharboretum.org.