Sponsor a new planting

Help us replant the arboretum for future generations!

By choosing to sponsor a new tree planting you will be supporting the project as a whole and directly help us engage with volunteers and local community.

We aim to plant new exotic species, as well as replanting existing character species, respecting the arboretum’s spirit of inheritance. These can be anything from mighty cedars, hickories, sweetgums or rare oaks.

Through sponsoring a new specimen, you’ll be making an important addition to the arboretum, ensuring it is cared for and enjoyed for generations to come.

Sponsor the planting of a new tree (5 years) – £350

What’s included

  • Choose from a selection of suitable specimen trees
  • Dedicated blog post about the tree, including a special commemoration note
  • Thank you Instagram & Twitter post
  • Choose to plant with your family or friends under the guidance of our Collections Manager
  • Free entry to our visitor days for the duration of the sponsorship

What you are sponsoring

  • The purchase of a tree from UK grown specialist nurseries
  • Fencing and all related planting materials
  • The maintenance and care for 5 years *

* The arboretum commits to replacing failed trees up to 10 years after a dedication. This will be like-for-like or in the case of rare species, as close a match as we can find amongst available stock.

Getting started

Example species

Many more species are in our planting lists, please get in touch for a up to date selection based on our current planting sites.

Styrax japonicus

Snowbell Tree

A beautiful small tree found growing in woods all over Japan, Styrax japonica develops wide, fan-shaped branches which are covered with cascades of bell-shaped, white flowers in summer.

Prunus serrula

Tibetan Cherry

An unusual cherry, Prunus serrula is renowned for its polished, mahogany brown bark which is evident even on young specimens and very smooth to the touch. We have two much loved mature specimens in the collection, now sadly in decline after many years, so it would be wonderful to add in a new planting.

Cryptomeria japonica [sponsored]

Japanese Red Cedar / Sugi

Native to parts of Japan and China, Cryptomeria japonica is an elegant, evergreen tree once established with tiny, awl-shaped leaves. We have two mature specimens in the collection, so it would be wonderful to add in a new planting of this majestic tree.

Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’

Japanese maple

Grows to be a large shrub or small tree eventually with green summer leaves turning some of the best shades of bright red and orange of any maple in autumn before falling.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Dawn redwood

A fast-growing and endangered deciduous conifer. A tall tree with fibrous reddish-brown bark and green, feathery leaves which turn burnt-gold or bronze before falling in autumn. This species has been on earth for many millions of years and the common name, “Dawn Redwood” refers to the dawn of time. To be planted by the stream.

Betula ermanii

Ermans Birch

A fantastic, deciduous, small or eventually medium sized tree once established which has excellent, bright yellow autumn colour and superb peeling, creamy-white bark.