Tree volunteers needed!

Starting in January 2024 we are excited to be offering a new volunteering opportunity at the arboretum, with the formation of a new team of Tree Volunteers!

We’ve done a great job getting trees planted over the last few years, but are now in need of help looking after the growing saplings. So far we have around 60 trees planted and it can be a struggle to keep on top of them all. We’re also hoping to plant many more, to try and make sure the arboretum keeps its unique character long into the future.

The role:

This will be a pilot project. We are still working out some of the finer details, but this is roughly how it will work:

Each volunteer will have their own area of the arboretum to monitor, in charge of a selection of trees. We will give training and help with what to do and what to look out for.

Volunteers are then required to access the site independently (within availability) and check on the trees, reporting back to the team if any concerns. We would expect this to be around once every two months, though possibly more depending on the time of year and weather. This could also be done as part of attending the monthly Sunday volunteer days.

Ideally our new team will already be active volunteers who are familiar with the site (e.g. from Sunday volunteer days or goat volunteers).

Key tasks:

  • Weeding trees and mulching where possible
  • Watering trees in times of drought
  • Monitoring the health of new trees, feeding back with any concerns
  • Ensuring the fencing and any tree supports are in working order

Would you like to know more?

Please fill out the form below and we will let you know when we have more details!