Our top trees

Caucasian Alder

Alnus subcordata

The Caucasian alder is native to Iran and the Caucasus mountains, where it grows in river valleys and gorges. Planted...

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Narrow Leaved Ash

Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. angustifolia

Grown on common ash root stock, this is a particularly large mature specimen for the UK.

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Japanese Red Cedar

Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans'

Known natively as Sugi, this is the national tree of Japan, commonly planted around temples and shrines. This particular specimen...

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Araucaria araucana

The species was first brought to the UK in 1795 from its native areas of Chile and Argentina. It is,...

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Coast redwood

Sequoia sempervirens

This species includes the tallest living trees in the world, reaching up to 115.9m (380.1 ft) in height. Ours is...

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Katsura tree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

One of our favourite trees, the katsura has subtle red flowers that appear with the leaves in the spring. The...

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Japanese maple

Acer palmatum

Often remarked upon as one of the largest Acer palmatum trees visitors have ever seen. This is a firm favourite...

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Hungarian oak

Quercus frainetto

This majestic specimen greets visitors at the beginning of our main pathway. It is of the largest Quercus frainetto trees...

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Deodar cedar

Cedrus deodara ‘Robusta’

Over 100ft high, this impressive conifer stands at the entrance to the arboretum. It was planted in 1853, the year...

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Japanese Horse-chestnut

Aesculus turbinata

Native to Japan, this horse chestnut has large compound palmate leaves and impressive yellowish-white flowers with red spots. It has...

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