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Japanese Red Cedar

Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans'

  • Accession number: 1000-497
  • Native to: Japan
  • Common names: Japanese Red Cedar, Cryptomeria elegans, Sugi, Yawara

Known natively as Sugi, this is the national tree of Japan, commonly planted around temples and shrines. This particular specimen is a cultivar that originated in Japan in the mid-1800s where it is known by the name ‘Yawara’. In 1854, English plant collector, Thomas Lobb imported the first plants to the Veitch Nursery, Chelsea and Exeter.

The cultivar is particularly interesting as the foliage of the juvenile plant is retained permanently, meaning it’s leaves are quite different from a regular mature Cryptomeria japonica.

Situated along the public footpath, this tree is a favourite of passing children (and adults), with a secret entrance to a hollow inside area, along with large pealing limbs to climb upon.

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