Compiled by Dendrologist, Tony Titchen.

December 2001

These top 21 trees, as chosen by Tony Titchen, will give you an insight into the tremendous work put in by the Third Earl of Ducie (1853-1921) in planting what was, in the 19th Century, considered to be one of the best arboretums in Britain. Many trees have been lost over the years, but it is hoped now to bring the arboretum back to its former glory.

We hope to follow these trees throughout the seasons and will share photographs as we do. All current images are taken in December 2014.


001-L Aesculus flava Yellow Sweet Buckeye Chestnut HIPPOCASTANACEAE

008-L Quercus kelloggii Californian Black Oak FAGACEAE

009    Quercus x hispanica ‘Fulhamensis latifolia’ FAGACEAE

017-L Pseudolarix amabilis Golden Chinese Larch  PINACEAE

021-L Quercus frainetto Hungarian Oak FAGACEAE

022    Juglans nigra Black Walnut JUGLANDACEAE

032    Quercus coccinea  Scarlet Oak FAGACEAE

039-L Acer velutinum ‘Van Volxemii’ ACERACEAE

041-L Cedrus deodara ‘Robusta’ Himalayan Deodar Cedar PINACEAE

042-L Carpinus betulus Common Hornbeam CARPINACEAE

052-L Carya laciniosa Big Shellbark Hickory JUGLANDACEAE

053-L Aesculus turbinata Japanese Horse chestnut HIPPOCASTANACEAE

057    Quercus imbricaria Shingle Oak FAGACEAE

059   Betula ermanii an Asian Birch BETULACEAE

083   Betula maximowicziana Monarch Birch BETULACEAE

091-L Aesculus indica Indian Horse Chestnut HIPPOCASTANACEAE

095-L Fraxinus angustifolia var lentiscifolia (Elegantissima)  Narrow leaved Ash c.v. OLEACEAE

099-L Populus violascens a Chinese Poplar SALICACEAE 

123-L Araucaria araucaria Monkey Puzzle / Chile Pine ARAUCARIACEAE

202-L Quercus petraea ‘Mespilifolia’  Sessile Oak c.v. FAGACEAE

236-L Northofagus obliqua Roble Beech FAGACEAE