A salutation of Snowdrops

Arriving at the forest centre in February you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a sprinkling of snow on the ground. The clearing around the Roundhouse is adrift with delicate white flowers as spring slowly creeps along the forest floor. Peaking out from under Redwoods and carpeting the clearings, snowdrops are the rest sign that winters grip is lessening.

Throughout our Snowdrop Visitor day ticket holders were asked to come up with the best collective noun for the display, and there were some fantastic suggestions! Here are our top 10:

A blizzard of snowdrops
A drift of snowdrops
A flurry of snowdrops
A flourish of snowdrops
A dusting of snowdrops
A splendor of snowdrops
A dusting of snowdrops
A spectacle of snowdrops
A sprinkling of snowdrops
A spring of snowdrops

The official collective nouns for snowdrops are a cheer or a joy, and they certainly are a cheerful sight at the end of winter! Instagrams favourite was a blizzard, but this author has a soft spot for a salutation.

We’re looking forward to greeting the new season to the arboretum next month with our Spring Celebration. Get your tickets now!