5 sights to look out for on our Autumn Open Day

horse chestnut buckeye conker outside on the ground

On Saturday 15th October we’re opening our gates for an Autumn extravaganza!

There is so much to enjoy, including a guided tour with our Collections Manager talking about the past, present and future of the forest, a ceremonial tree planting, a history walk, Forest School activities, craft stalls, the enticing smell of woodsmoke inviting you to enjoy a hot beverage in our Round House and more.

We’d love you to join us!

Here are 5 sights to look out for during your visit:

Autumn Colours – with our incredible collection of trees there is so much diversity to enjoy. Acers, sweet gums, chestnuts and more. We love the woods at all times of year, but autumn really is a striking show.

Fallen fruit – how many types of acorns (yes, acorns are technically a fruit!) can you find? What about shapes of pine cones or chestnuts? Do you know the difference between a chestnut and a conker (hint: one is poisonous and the other features in a Nat King Cole song)? As the trees begin to shed their leaves and fruits there is so much to discover on the forest floor.

Seven Redwood Sisters – we are incredibly fortunate at Tortworth to have not one, but seven Redwood trees standing in a grove together; it’s a sight to behold.

Seeds – did you know helicopter seeds (the ones which spin as they fall) come from three different types of trees? Ash, Sycamore and Maple! How many types can you spot? What other seeds could you find?

Fungi – did you know one of the largest living things on earth is a honey fungus? It’s called the Armillaria ostoyae and covers almost 10 square kilometres of Oregon! We don’t have anything that large here, but there are many different shapes, sizes and colours of fungus to discover at Tortworth. Just remember some can be poisonous, so best not to eat them unless you know what you’re looking at!

Spindle Fruit in Autumn
Spindle Fruit & Leaves
Autumn Walk
Autumn Walks

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