September Volunteer Day

What a wonderful day in the woods!

Our morning was spent around the main roundhouse area, doing various tasks and enjoying the late summer sunshine. We scythed the last of the long meadow. A new path was reclaimed through the bramble, allowing visitors to visit one of our Caucasian limes. Meanwhile a group of volunteers did an amazing job, sawing and splitting firewood.

After a nice lunch and hot drinks we set out again, this time focusing on the dell and public footpath. Lots of work was done removing bramble from around the specimen trees, including our yellow buckeye and Japanese cedar. Scythes also cleared the path edges, and old wood stacks were transported back to be processed for firewood. We also managed to measure a few trees, whose details will be submitted to The Tree Register, including an impressive Californian live oak. Our new pathway was fitted with a bridge, made from split Lawson’s cypress, the timber coming from a tree that had fallen in the spring storms.

An impressive amount of of work! A massive thank you to everyone that came along, and put in so much energy. See you in the woods again soon!

The Tortworth Team