April Volunteer Day

Tagging a redwood

We were treated to a beautiful day in the woods today. The weather was sunny but not too warm and perfect for getting lots of work done.

Our focus was improving a pathway in the middle of the site, which had become difficult to walk down due to large cherry laurel branches blocking the route. We started off by clearing the surrounding bramble and then cutting back the large branches. The path edging was also repaired and the old stone steps were cleared. 

Meanwhile a bonfire was lit and another group of volunteers dismantled a fallen beech tree for firewood. This was then carted back to the log store, giving the opportunity to bring back trolley loads of mulch for the new plantings with each return trip.

After a nice hot lunch we continued work, clearing a large area of bramble underneath our mighty redwood trees (thought to date from 1856). As a mini celebration we also christened one tree with a shiny new tag, before admiring the impact of our day’s work.

All very enjoyable – a massive thank you to everyone that came along!