Avon Gardens Trust

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from our supporters at the Avon Gardens Trust this week, which will provide a number of good quality hand tools which we can use for our volunteer conservation days.

This is a fantastic and generous donation and we are looking forward to getting started with the new tools once we have purchased them.

The hand tools will be used at the monthly volunteer conservation days, where volunteers spend the day cutting back the years of bramble, rhododendron and laurel overgrowth that has taken over the arboretum. Using hand tools means we are not affecting any of the wildlife that has made its home in the arboretum.

Since the volunteer days started in November 2014, over 30 volunteers have given up almost 60 days in total, resulting in a vast improvement in the arboretum – revealing a wealth of dormant wild flowers such as primroses and snowdrops.

We are incredibly grateful to the Avon Gardens Trust for their ongoing support.