February volunteer day

Another lovely volunteer day in the woods today. Lots of new trees rediscovered, Rhododendron removed and a good amount of biscuits eaten.

We continued our work from last month, thinning out a new area of Rhododendron around the base of a Japanese Big-Leaved Magnolia, which had previously been very hard to reach, so much so that we had not even read the tag before!

Today also marked the end of our mapping week, with volunteers helping to get every tree recorded, measured and positioned via GPS, no small task. By the end of the week it had turned into a really efficient process, with over 150 trees mapped today alone. There were also a few notable new discoveries, including a Cut-leaved White Mulberry, Chusan Palm and a large Scarlet Oak tree.

Thanks to everyone that came along and to all the volunteers that have helped us map this week. We look forward to sharing the finished map with you and starting to retag and plant new specimens.

See you next time!