January Volunteer Day

Another wonderful day in the woods!

We got so much done yesterday, and set quite a pace for the year ahead. Being a cold morning we set straight to work, refurbishing our donkey steps (previously a path to carry produce via donkey from the kitchen gardens to the court) and clearing around a recent planting of a Japanese zelkova tree.

Meanwhile another team carefully picked apart a fallen mulberry tree (a cut-leaved white mulberry). This was lost during the recent high winds, along with a cedar. A reminder that we need to keep up the planting to ensure the future of the tree collection. Impressively we managed to estimate the correct date of planting by counting the growth rings, the tree being planted in 1990.

In the afternoon we carried on in the same area, whilst a group of brave volunteers tackled the daunting task of mucking out the goats. Another team got to work removing large rhododendron roots from under a lime tree, whilst the finishing touches were put to the steps. Not to mention, a new view to a hidden Chusan palm tree was created through a wall of bramble.

It was a pleasure to be out on a nice sunny winter day with an enthusiastic team of volunteers – many thanks to all! See you next time!