Mapping Week

This month we will be hiring specialist GPS equipment to map the arboretum’s trees. We will be spending the week of the 11th – 17th of February working onsite to get as many trees geo-positioned as possible!

During the week volunteers will be using the equipment to map the arboretum boundary and then the specimen trees themselves. The equipment we’re hiring can give sub-meter accuracy, perfect for specimen trees. We will also be able to record the tree’s ID tag, species name, diameter and any other information we can collect.

If you are interested in coming along please get in touch to let us know what days you might be available, this could just be popping by for a couple of hours or joining us for the whole day (we can provide transport from Bristol). We will also have the equipment on the Sunday volunteer day (17th) if you can’t make it during the week.

Once collated and imported into mapping software we hope to publish a new map of the arboretum’s trees, along with a management spreadsheet to allow us to begin retagging and tending to the individual tree’s needs. Local schools will also be taking part in planting new specimen trees, with hope to replace some of the lost specimens and also add some new varieties.

Would you like to join us? If so sign-up to our Mapping Newsletter to hear more and be kept in the loop.

The project has been made possible by funding from Heritage Lottery