March Conservation Day

A big thank you to all the volunteers who came today and put in so much work, it was all very productive!

The main focus of the day was clearing a new area amongst the sea of brambles to house our goats, which are scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks. With so many people lopping and cutting a big clearing was soon made, so we can now start to build an enclosure and fencing.

Mid-March is the time to tap Birch trees, so we set-up a tap on one of the trees marked for clearance, checking on it later in the day to taste the sap – which will hopefully be made into syrup later in the week.

We also took delivery of yet more hedgerow trees, this time species especially suited to foraging (Elder, Dog Rose, Hazel, Blackthorn & Crab apple), which we planted out along the bottom section of fencing. A few volunteers also worked hard digging a drainage ditch to help prevent the road from flooding.

In the afternoon the sun came out and we had a hearty meal cooked by Tim (again!), after which we took some walks around the site and then set back to work.

It’s a joy to be in the woods this time of the year, the warming sun giving a taste of the spring and summer to come. The next volunteer day is on the 17th of April, which will be followed by a whole volunteer week (25th – 28th), please get in touch if you would like to join us!