November Volunteer Day

Thanks to everyone who came to the woods on Sunday for our final volunteer day of the year, and a wonderful day it was too!

At the beginning of the day we ventured off to the far end of the site, to work on a large area that usually sees little activity and footfall. Some recently felled birch trees were processed, with cart loads of split logs taken to our wood store, and some neatly parcelled up birch brash bundles. Squirrel damaged sycamore saplings were cut down, along with a red oak that had seen better days, opening up two new areas for planting next year.

Lunchtime saw hot drinks and cheeky mince pies by the fire, after which we set back to work. A team of volunteers continued working in the same area, this time tackling some impressive rhododendron roots. Another group cleared bramble from around our large Sugi tree (Japanease cedar), whose limbs have sprawled out making it a fantastic place to play and explore.


We were blown away by everyone’s generosity in our Crowdfunder, which finished last week with a total of £3,000 in donations. This money will go towards managing the arboretum next year.  Thank you for all your support.

Finally we want to wish you and your families a happy festive season and a wonderful year ahead.  See you in 2022!

The Tortworth Team