September volunteer day

Another nice day at the arboretum yesterday. Thanks to everyone that came along, a small team but we got lots done.

We set about clearing the large amphitheatre space in the centre of the site. This had been overtaken by bracken and was very hard to walk around, so new pathways were created and a central fire was lit to take care of some of the old piles of rhododendron from last year.

After a delicious lunch (made by our new volunteer day assistant, thanks Jill!) we carried on with the clearing. We’re hoping in the future this space can be enjoyed by many groups, it being ideally sheltered and catching the afternoon sun.

As we worked we also found a small toad and discovered some bright seed pods on a nearby magnolia tree, see pics below.

Our next volunteer day is on the 15th October, followed by an Open Day on the 21st, let us know if you would like to come along!