September volunteer day

We had a great day in the woods this month. The day was muggy and warm but we got an impressive amount done.

We split into two groups, with one team clearing the upper roadway, making space for parking and also creating a functional space for us to store wood chip and leaf mulch.

The other group headed to the middle of the site. After a recent tree risk survey and round of tree works, there was lots to do. Two birch trees had been dismantled, leaving a lot of logs to split and transport to the wood store. We also dragged the branches to the roadside ready for chipping.

After a serving of pasta salad and a good rest we headed back to our tasks. The goats got a nice snack from the pruned trees branches on the lane, and we watered the most recent plantings after the hot weather.

Thank you to everyone that came along and for all the energy!