April volunteer day

A beautiful sunny day in the woods today. Thank you to everyone that came along and put in so much energy, it was an amazing day to be out amongst the trees and bluebells.

We carried on from last month undercutting the rhododendron in the centre of the site, which now looks much tidier, taking time to clear up the accumulating piles of brambles and branches. You can now see the specimen trees from new angles and have glimpses through to different areas of the woodland beyond.

There was a definite feeling of change in the woodland this spring, with loads of bluebells appearing in the areas we have worked on, benefiting from an increase in light getting through to the woodland floor. A nice reminder of the impact and progress we are making.


Next month we have our Spring Open Day on the 11th of May (more details on their way), a chance to reflect on the past year and show off the results of our mapping project.