March volunteer day

Another lovely day in the woods yesterday. Thank you to everyone for all the energy and enthusiasm, we got so much done!

There were a couple of trees that had fallen due to the recent high winds, both mature silver birches, one still hung up and the other safely on the ground ready for processing. As we were such a large group of volunteers we split into different roles, some cutting limbs, then passing these on to others to be sorted into piles of brash, smaller branches and large logs. The whole tree was done in 40 minutes, just in time for a cup of tea by the fire.

The other big project of the day was to build some steps into the main arena area, following on from the set we restored a year ago. Two teams quickly disappearing into the trees to gather material for the steps. One group split oak limbs with wedges to form the front of the steps, the other collecting some cypress which had already been split, feeding the goats and preparing the ground with mattocks and spades. The finished steps were then dug in and fixed in place with stakes. They look great!

With the main tasks finished we also had time to undercut and tidy up some of the rhododendron in the surrounding area, giving better views to the nearby specimen trees.

Next month we have a regular volunteer day on the 21st, then our Spring Open Day on the 11th of May – more details coming soon!