August Volunteer Day

Another lovely day in the woods today. A massive thank you to everyone who came along and put in so much energy!

With the nesting season over, we took the opportunity to work in an area of woods we haven’t spent any time in this year. Bracken, brambles and rhododendron were beginning to take over, so we set to work armed with slashers and scythes. The initial area was quickly cleared, so we began working outwards, undercutting rhododendron and improving visibility of some of the specimen trees.

Whilst this was going on, another team of volunteers spent some time making much needed improvements to our goat enclosure – the goats have been regularly escaping in recent weeks! The fence now has some good reenforcement added, plus some extra wire just to make sure.

Lunch around the fire pit

After lunch, and fuelled by an impressive array of biscuits, we returned to finish our bracken clearing and also clear around an often overlooked Swamp Cypress, Hawthorn and Coastal Redwood. It was great to get so much done and spend some time tending to the area.

Next month we have our Volunteer Day on 19th September (please respond to this email if you would like to come), plus a visitor day on the 25th.

See you in the woods again soon!

The Tortworth Team