January Volunteer Day

Today in the woods: 12 fabulous volunteers, including some very welcome new faces, gave up their Sunday lie in to help out at the arboretum. We chopped down the first of three huge areas of bamboo that are taking over the area by the river. We thought it would take a few days but we did the whole lot in one day!

Some will be used for an allotment, some for den building, some to build a fire wood store and some will be given to local people for their gardens. We also stacked some leaves and shoots in an area to leave as a wildlife habitat.

Some was taken home by a volunteer to make flutes… watch this space…



A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. Especially to the new volunteers who got stuck in, and to Stirring Pot, our very own camp cook and fire guru who cooked up veggie risotto and mutton curry for the masses.

We also met with Keith who will be setting up a few hives in the woods under the Californian redwoods in May. So watch out for hives when you next visit, and we can look forward to some Tortworth honey too. Nom.



Such a wonderful day. Thank you all. See you next month!


More photos are in the photo gallery.