June volunteer day

A lovely day in the woods today, and for the most part we had nice weather, timing our tea breaks perfectly so we could shelter from the odd rain cloud by the fire.

Our first task was to pull up a big patch of knotweed, which we completed very quickly. After a short break we then focused our attention on a section of pathway near the top of the stone steps in the centre of the site. Whilst some people scythed/slashed their way through the forest of nettles that had already grown up, others created a new dead-hedge to guide people in the right direction, adding in extra steps where needed.

After a short break and some tasty stew, we then added the finishing touches andĀ dug in someĀ steps to help people up the slope. The new additions are looking really good and were an instant improvement.

A massive thank you to everyone who came along and put in so much energy!