March Volunteer Day

This month we were mostly tackling rhododendron in a large section of the woods that had previously seen little management. We split into two groups and slowly worked in the direction of each other, hoping to meet in the middle (we did!). We also cleared around one of our veteran chestnuts, giving it more space and sunlight.

After a good lunch cooked on the fire, we headed back to work, on the way taking time to label two of our giant redwoods (always a cause for celebration!), and taste a little birch sap which we had collected that morning.

The impact of the days work was very evident, with large areas ready for planting and new pathways appearing through the mini rhododendron forest. In time we hope to encourage wild flowers into this section of the woods, and plant some more specimen trees.

A massive thank you to everyone who came along and put in so much energy. See you in the woods again soon!

The Tortworth Team