November volunteer day

Another lovely day in the woods today!

We spent the morning clearing an area of piles of old rhododendron branches, carrying them to a central area for a large bonfire. With these piles now gone there should be more opportunity for plants to come through in the spring. After a nice tea break we then set about creating some new piles of rhododendron.. this time undercutting some large prominent bushes, helping to keep them spreading further.

Whilst we walked around the site we kept an eye out for fungus, spotting many familiar species and looking up others in reference books.

After lunch we moved our focus to an area of bamboo by the public footpath which had got very overgrown. We set about clearing around the main clumps and soon had things looking much better. We also had the opportunity to take lots of cuttings up to the goats, which were very happy with the surprise feast!