September volunteer day

Today was the official start of our mapping project, it went really well!

We took the opportunity to meet up and have a good look through the tasks and challenges ahead of us. We had a great discussion around a big table in the local village hall, with lots of pondering over old maps and the various pieces of the puzzle we have found.

The afternoon was spent with more familiar tasks, namely Rhododendron clearing, this time around a mystery oak tree that has somehow escaped our attention. After clearing a path to the tree, which turned out to be a large Red Oak (Quercus rubra), we were able to cut back the branches to allow some much needed light in.

Our trees of the day, pictured below, were a Burr Oak (Q. macrocarpa) the Red Oak (Q. rubra) and a Californian Redwood (S. sempervirens):

Thanks to everyone who came along and for the advice and ideas, we’re really looking forward to working on this in the coming months.

See you next time!